Company History

1984– Construction began on our first factory which covers an area of 3500 square meters.

1985– Completion of our first factory and was given the name “Vinyl Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd.”

1998– Construction began on our second factory.

1999– Completion of our second factory, covering an area of 8500 square meters.

1999– Vinyl Tech Enterprise became the first company in Taiwan to introduce a brand new form of laminating technology.

1999– Vinyl Tech Enterprise continued to lead the way and became the first in Taiwan to install brand new material production technology.

2000– Our Company created the Floorworks name brand and began selling globally under this name in addition to servicing our other customers.

2004– Vinyl Tech Enterprise expanded the second factory with a combined factory floor space of 17,000 square meters.

2012– Began construction of our third factory with a planned completion date of June 2013 on a 30,000 square meter site.