The Special Features of Vinyl Tech Enterprise

The Special Features of Vinyl Tech Enterprise Vinyl Tech Enterprise currently occupies nearly 50,000 square meters of factory space, produces 1 million square meters of plastic tiles per month, making us the largest producer and supplier in Taiwan. As the leading brand name in vinyl floor tiles, our company provides some excellent features listed below:

1 ) Benzene and phenol free high quality raw materials are used in our products. We do not use recycled post consumer plastics waste material in order to guarantee a uncontaminated production environment free from pollutants.

2 ) The newest laminating technology and equipment is used in order to meet the vast market needs of different countries.

3 ) All manufacturing is done in Taiwan in order to strictly control production quality. Our products are ISO9001 and 14001 certified and are compliant with JIS, EN, CNS, DIN and ASTM standards. Our goal is creating a product of “high quality with zero flaws”.

4 ) We have a professional design team that continues to seek innovation and develop a wide variety of unique and distinctive designs in order to provide the best service to our customers.

5 ) Everyone has a responsibility to care for the planet so the floor tiles our company manufactures meet the standards of low pollution, low volatility and low ozone output and it can be recycled at the same time.